Thursday, January 16, 2014

Close Your Eyes it's Ugly

Charles Barkley now commentating for TNT after a successful Hall of Fame career has made it known that he doesn't like jump shooting teams and to an extent I see the method to his madness. My biggest problem with jump shooting teams is that a player's touch with the ball in his hands differs from day to day. No matter how many nights a player is on point with his shot there are going to be nights where the player is going to be off. Yes, the great shooters are able to repeat their motion and be more consistent with their shot, but I can't shake the night when he's off. I've seen great teams look unstoppable because every shot that is put up hits the bottom of the net and I've also seen those same teams flush games down the toilet because their jump shooters can't hit the broad side of a barn.

Most times when a player is off it's ugly off. Where for example a player would need around 12 shots to make 6 points. That's incredibly inefficient. I can see the great nights where the shooter knows it's going down and takes every shot in the gym and is unstoppable. Shooting from half court? Nothing but net, shooting with three guys defending you? Buckets, that's three points, but then comes that night when it's ugly and it happens to every shooter when the opposing team pit its worse defender on you because they know you can't hit the simplest shot. The "solution" to these poor shooting nights of course is to keep shooting which makes it worse because those are a waste of possessions and it rarely gets better.

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