Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can there be some Love in Chicago?

The Bulls have decided to finally start to look toward the future and with their first move traded Luol Dang to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum and three draft picks. The next move I'm expecting is the Bulls to FINALLY use the amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer. I would've used the amnesty clause on Boozer about two years ago, but the time has come and after this season and before the 16 or so million that Boozer is owed for the final year of his contract he will get hit with the amnesty and I couldn't be happier. So with Deng off the books, Bynum off the books, and Boozer the loser finally off the books the Bulls are set up with cap space AND draft picks to do whatever they want to do, but with great power comes great responsibility.

The last thing Bulls fans need is for the management to mess up this opportunity by doing something stupid like trade for Dwayne Wade or another player that's on the wrong side of his career. Not that there's anything wrong with Dwayne Wade he's just not what the Bulls need. The Bulls have the chance to build through the upcoming "Mega Draft" and also sign another star in the 2014/15 offseason. If I'm looking at a wishing well with a hand full of coins I'm throwing them all in for a run at Minnesota Timberwolve Kevin Love. With Love, Rose, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, plus whatever player the Bulls nab in the lottery, the Bulls would have the necessary pieces to make a run at the Indiana Pacers and for that matter the Miami Heat for the East. So as I'm sad to see Deng go having the chance to bring some Love to Chicago is something that shouldn't get passed up.

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