Monday, August 25, 2014

Little League vs. the Majors

Now that the Little League World Series is over and the people that were caught up in the moment have a chance to now breathe let's delve into many of the comments and irrational thinking I've heard in that week. I heard things from little leaguers (one especially, but I'll get to her) should be getting paid, I heard that MLB ought to look to little league for ways to make the majors better. I heard that there was more drama in little league than there was in MLB. The biggest insult was that little leaguers should be getting paid. College sports players should be the ones getting paid; basketball and football rake in millions on top of millions in endorsements and TV deals and while head coaches are getting paid millions their star players have to scrap to eat. That's not fair. Coaches can't buy students food, rich people who donate millions to help schools can't help these starving players, yet 11 and 12 year olds deserve to get paid? I don't think so.

Who knew Mo'Ne Davis two weeks ago? Besides her friends and family no one and now she is supposed to be the eventual first female player to make it to the majors? Doubt it. Even though her goal is to become a point guard in the University of Connecticut I heard people saying that she should continue to develop and make it to the majors and a "junk ball" lefty. How many junk ball lefties are out there looking for work? And yet she's supposed to make it just because she's a female? Not that I'm knocking Mo'Ne who I hope goes on and live a fantastic life, but she's not going to be the next Jaime Moyer. And why was the little league so much more dramatic because the basic plays that are made everyday in the majors don't get made by 11 and 12 year olds who are on national TV for the first time in their lives. Little league was fun for the one week it was on TV, but now let's get back to the professionals.