Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Cavalier Conundrum

Andrew Bynum was once a star center for the Los Angeles Lakers, but due to knee injuries he was limited to playing 392 games in his 7 year stretch with the Lakers and missed his whole year in Philadelphia after he was traded to the Sixers after the 2012 season. So Bynum has been relied upon as a centerpiece once with the Sixers and to an extent with the Lakers, but with another devastating knee injury where he needed ACL surgery again on his right knee he missed the season with the Sixers. As a free agent Bynum signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers for a team friendly 2 yrs and 24 Million dollar deal because the second year is an option instead of a guaranteed 24M the Cavs are on the hook for about 6M the rest of this season if he is not waived or traded by Jan 7 so the clock is ticking on the Cavs.

The Cavaliers are 10-21 this season and dedicated minutes from Andrew Bynum are difficult to come by because the youth movement (polite way of saying rebuilding effort) is not something Bynum is used to since he's been on winning teams for the large part of his career especially in LA. When Bynum isn't interested in playing basketball it's evident in his off the field behavior so it's no surprise to hear that the Cavaliers are trying to move Bynum. In my opinion the Cavs are going to waive Bynum before the Jan 7 deadline and avoid having to pay a player that doesn't want to be there. My question to Bynum is how much longer are you going to put teams through this? Your body isn't reliable enough to play 50 games much less the full 82 games in a season and your attitude sours the minute the team isn't winning call it a career or suck it up and play hurt. You're getting paid like an All Star so show up and be one.

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