Monday, January 20, 2014

A True Test for the Union

So Roger Goodell is thinking of getting rid of extra point kicks; and I think it's actually a good idea. The extra point is the biggest waste of time in football. After the touchdown the kicker comes on the field for the easiest kick ever. Only 5 kicks were missed out of over 1200 attempts so it's futile to think that it is a vital part of the game. Putting the onus on the team to truly earn the "extra point" would be much more entertaining. Lining up the team to earn the "extra point" whether it be with a running or passing play would be much more competitive. The roll of the kicker would severely be cut down with this change in competition, but I bet you more people would rather see the teams line up than watch some ex-soccer player kick a ball from the 10 yard line.

On another note I think this would be a bigger test for the player's association. In baseball the player's association would no way allow for the commissioner to cut down a position the way Goodell is planning. Because without having the extra point there would only really be a need for one kicker on the team and that means 32 kickers without jobs and that would lower the average salary for players something no union should allow, but then again this isn't baseball and the NFL owners pretty much control the union so we'll see how this transpires.

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