Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Dumbest Rule in Sports

In 1973 the American League adopted the dumbest rule in sports, the Designated Hitter also known as the DH. The National League almost adopted the same rule, but the then owner of the Philadelphia Phillies was fishing in the middle of a lake and was unaware of the meeting for the rule vote and was unreachable when it came to voting (to this day it is the best thing the Phillies have done for the game of baseball). My problem with the DH rule is that it's responsible for the making the game longer and removing strategy from the game. Instead of thinking about late game strategies regarding the pitcher batting and how to balance that AL managers just get to sit back and just let a DH take care of that for him. The NL utilizes way more strategy mainly with the use of small ball (bunting runners along the bases and stealing bases amongst other things). I don't think many or any hitters in the AL know how to even bunt which is a shame because it's a part of the game that rarely gets used and as an old school fan makes me sad.

Now sadly with the way MLB has changed up its scheduling (by adding an interleague series every week or so) the threat of the DH is coming to the NL so that there is uniformity in the whole league. That would be a punch to the old school baseball fans out there. I enjoy watching pitchers run into home runs that would be a thing of the past if certain people get their way. Why would you want a position that isn't in the Hall of Fame to be made permanent in both leagues of MLB? The league will definitely be boring if that were to happen and I'm not sure if I would stick around for that. As much I like baseball I need the strategy, I need the manager to earn his money.

Why pay a pitcher 20 million bucks to just pitch every 5th day? CC Sabathia, Carlos Zambrano, Mike Hampton, Dontrelle Willis, amongst others had very good numbers (for a pitcher) with the bat in his hands and that's something I don't want to take out of the league. The pitcher will never be able to help himself out if the dumbest rule in sports makes its way to the NL.

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