Friday, August 16, 2013

Harvey's Dilemna

I've come to the understanding that Matt Harvey is the real deal and is one of the most prominent pitchers in the majors (even though it has only been about a year and some change since he made it to the show) and I understand that the Mets aren't going anywhere this year, but wouldn't having back to back Cy Young winners make the Mets much more marketable? The New York baseball market has been dominated by the Yankees for quite a while now and having the right to say "We have back to back Cy Young winners" might be able to sway the one or two band wagon fans that only recognize the winning or more decorated team at the moment. So I'm not sure if shutting down Matt Harvey at 200 innings is the right thing to do when the Mets are up and coming while the Yankees are on the decline.

Sure this may only be a temporary lull for the Yankees who can always go back to spending copious amounts of money on free agents, but with the amount of holes that will be present in the roster after this season I just don't see that happening. And considering that the Yankee farm system is barren of any real talent while the Met system has the potential to develop several quality players the future at the moment is actually brighter in Queens than it is in the Bronx, but back to Harvey. He's been one of the elite pitchers in the NL and would be a shoe-in for the Cy Young if it wasn't for Clayton Kershaw who's dominating the NL to the tune of a 1.88 era while Harvey's 2.23 era is impressive (considering his age) and his ranking in the other pitching categories would be more than enough to get Harvey the Cy Young in a regular year, but I feel with the fact that the Dodgers are in first place and headed to the playoffs he'll eventually get the nod in a heated race for 2013 NL Cy Young.

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