Sunday, August 25, 2013

Is 30-35 the Same as 160?

I'm not one of those people that thinks a pitcher should win an MVP. Pitchers have their own award, it's called the Cy Young. The reason I don't believe a pitcher should win the MVP is because at a pitcher's best he'll make 30-35 starts in a whole year, while an everyday player plays well everyday. This year Clayton Kershaw is having a very good year, but so is Yadier Molina. Molina is hitting .336 (which leads the National League) with 10 home runs and 60 runs batted in and to do this as a catcher is even more impressive. Catchers take a beating every game, with foul balls that get hit off them and the pounding their hands take from catching those 90-something mile per hour pitches (coming from a former catcher this is no picnic). 

Clayton Kershaw's stat line of 13 wins to 7 losses at a 1.72 era in 198.1 innings so far is very impressive they're Cy Young worthy numbers, but not MVP worthy. Justin Verlander won the MVP in 2011, but I was against that as well. Justin Verlander's numbers at the end of the 2011 season were 24 wins to 5 losses at a 2.40 era in 251 innings were those Cy Young caliber numbers absolutely, but that same Boston Red Sock centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury should've won the MVP, but unfortunately his team collapsed and so did he that last month of 2011 and that opened the door for Verlander to take the award, but I don't see that happening to Yadier Molina. 

Clayton Kershaw will win the National League Cy Young award (especially since the Mets are shutting down Matt Harvey), but Yadi should take home the MVP. I hope the voters don't make the same mistake again..

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