Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MLB's Nightmare can come True

Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod) hit his third home run of the season last night. What's the big deal? well it was the 650th home run of his career putting him in the top 5 in all time home runs. The only way you don't know about all the issues around A-Rod is if you've been living under a rock, but if you have been living under said rock here's a quick review. A-Rod has been suspended for 211 games (A-Rod is appealing the suspension which is allowing him to play until there is a decision made of his appeal) due to his involvement in a steroids scandal that has been traced back to after his time in the Texas Rangers organization which conflict with his statement that he hasn't used steroids since he played in Texas.

The 650th home run of his career bites the Yankees because when A-Rod re-signed with the team there were home run escalators put into the contract and A-Rod is one step closer to starting those escalators. At 660 home runs A-Rod is going to begin to collect the first home run escalator worth 30 million dollars and through the 763rd home run which is the all time home run record A-Rod is to collect another 90 million. So if A-Rod breaks the all time home run record he's on the Yankee books for roughly 181 million dollars. That is if he doesn't get suspended. If A-Rod gets suspended he'll miss out on a whole season and would probably reach one of the home run escalators and considering he's 38 years old right now I don't see him getting all the escalators.

Why is this a nightmare for MLB? well because apparently everybody hates A-Rod. The Yankees hate A-Rod, MLB hates A-Rod, even some fans hate A-Rod (I don't hate A-Rod, he did what he did because of the pressure his huge contracts put on him at least that's why I think he did it and that's not his fault). Since MLB hates A-Rod they don't want him around to distract the press with questions about his appeal and of steroids in general from the awesomeness of their precious post season, but the New York Yankees are streaking they have 6 wins in their last 10 games and are just 4 and a half games back of the second wild card spot to make the playoffs and once the team makes the playoffs it's a crap shoot and every team has a chance to be world champions and if A-Rod carries the Yankees to another World Series title that would truly be a nightmare for MLB.

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