Monday, January 19, 2015

It's A Tiring Act

Marshawn Lynch known better as "Beast Mode" has an act where he feels like he doesn't have to talk to the media and thinks it's appropriate to grab his crotch when he scores a big touchdown. Personally, I'm over it. If Russell Wilson (his own quarterback), Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers the elite quarterbacks in the league have to sit down and talk to the media what makes Lynch so special? Lynch's excuse of anxiety when it comes to the media doesn't hold water since he's sat down and has been interviewed by ESPN for the show 30 for 30. Lynch is a great player in the NFL and it's worth a discussion that without him the Seahawks wouldn't be where they are now.

Lynch needs to grow up and instead of getting showered by skittles he should be avoiding fines and talking to the media and not grabbing his crotch. How much in fines is Lynch willing to pay for his antics? With his current contract situation up in the air with the Seahawks Lynch may find himself without a job, even though another team would definitely pick him up if the Seahawks do release him. I support the league fining Lynch for every one of his indiscretions; from their point of view the league can't have more players trying to act to like Marshawn Lynch. The league has corporate sponsors to worry about and if more players start acting out like Lynch then those sponsors wouldn't  be around for long.

Speaking of sponsors with his antics Lynch is missing out on the potential for making more money off the field. Most players have deals with companies that pay them to be in commercials and on ads everywhere, but besides for skittles I don't think a company would want Lynch to promote their product with the way he's behaving. Marshawn Lynch is a special player, if only he behaved like one.

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