Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Spurs of the East are for Sale

The Atlanta Hawks are the best team in the Eastern Conference and the same Atlanta Hawks are for sale. Before the season the general manager of the Hawks was willing to step down from his position with the Hawks over a racially insensitive email that had leaked, but ever since then the Hawks have just shot up to the top of the Eastern Conference with wins over the East and West Conference while winning 16 games in a row. The Hawks have a record of 12-2 against the Western Conference with wins over the Warriors, the Trail Blazers, the Clippers, and other playoff bound teams. The Hawks are the surprise of the NBA, since the teams that are usually favored have one or more super star and the Hawks don't necessarily have a super star.

It's a surprise that the Hawks are for sale. With the team being so successful this season and having gone to the playoffs 7 straight seasons one would think that the owner would like to stay in control. Not only are the Hawks for sale, but the whole ownership group is selling. The two main owners that own 50.1% of the Hawks decided to sell and the rest of the ownership group has followed suit. The biggest issue facing the Hawks is their attendance problem. The Hawks rank 22nd in the NBA in attendance averaging 16,471 fans per game, but with their new TV deal and the upcoming TV deal the NBA is going to sign with Turner/Disney there is definitely a profit to be made in Atlanta. The Hawks are going to make the playoffs and have beaten the Western Conference enough times to make me think of them as a legit contender. Now if I only had a billion dollars.