Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nobody does the Super Bowl like the Worldwide Leader

ESPN is in Arizona (as is every other sports network) but they do it differently. I was fortunate enough to go to the "Super Bowl Boulevard" when the Super Bowl was held in the Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey and ESPN was allowed to shut down a whole strip of Broadway Avenue in New York City where they had lines and lines of people walking around and taking plenty of pictures and all or most of their football gasbags hosting their shows from Broadway. As air shots of Fashion Square in Arizona (where this year's Super Bowl is being held) where ESPN is located it seems like they have done the same thing in Arizona. It is fun and a good way for Arizona to capitalize even more than they have thanks to fans and tourists that have flocked to Arizona for the "big game".

I'm usually harsh on ESPN about the way they run things, but they do know how to throw a party. Especially when it comes to their favorite sport, football. All the red carpets are out and players that aren't in the game are their to voice their opinions and laying down the groundwork for a potential after playing career of TV work. If media week hasn't taught you anything it's that ESPN is the best way for football to promote it's product even more than even the NFL network can. Marshawn Lynch alone is probably going to make millions with his antics at media week and the way ESPN has helped promote his behavior. If it weren't for ESPN's repeated conversations about "deflategate" and Marshawn Lynch what stories would have come from the Super Bowl? I don't know.  

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