Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fixing a Broke System

Every sport league tends to have the same problem. Bad teams making it to the playoffs while good teams are at home. This year the NFC South is most likely going to have a team make the playoffs with a sub 500 record while a team in another division with a winning record won't make it. In basketball the Eastern Conference will have roughly 3-4 teams make the playoffs while in the West Conference there are arguably 10 teams that have the ability to make the playoffs. How entertaining would it be if only winning teams made the playoffs? I'm not suggesting realigning all the divisions or conferences I'm suggesting that the playoffs shouldn't allow teams with a losing record to make it.

In basketball the top 16 records make the playoffs. In football the top 12 records make it. In baseball the top 10 make it. It would make winning the divisions a bit less important, but there can be caveats placed to reward the teams with the better records like home field advantage. Teams with losing records make at least on playoff series or game unappealing. The teams with losing records don't deserve to make the playoffs year in and year out. Especially in basketball the playoffs would be much better had the Western Conference gotten the slots given to the Eastern Conference teams that had a losing record last season.

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