Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Not Gonna be as Close as the First

The first round of the NBA playoffs was full of dramatic games. Game 7 after game 7 overtime game after overtime game, but I don't think this second round is going to be as dramatic. The Wizards are better than the Pacers (especially since the Pacers have found a way to collapse) the size in the paint by the Wizards is going to overwhelm the lackluster Roy Hilbbert and the undersized, but huge hearted, David West. The Clippers, ever since the fiasco with Donald Sterling have been playing with the support from fans everywhere and have used that as motivation and the Oklahoma City Thunder with the recently dubbed MVP of the NBA just doesn't have enough to keep up with the Clippers. The Portland Trailblazers laid an egg against the San Antonio Spurs last night ands that's what I expect of that series to be like.

The closest possible series in the second round is going to be the Brooklyn Nets against the Miami Heat. These two teams match up much pretty well, but LeBron James is going to be the difference maker since the Nets don't really have anybody who can stop him when he turns it on like he did in game 1. The Nets with Joe Johnson has someone who can keep scoring with LeBron, but Johnson can be stopped faster than LeBron can. The drama is gone for this round of the playoffs in my opinion, but the next round should be much more entertaining when the Clippers face the Spurs and the Wizards face the Heat.

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