Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nothing in Life is Free and that Includes Domination

A couple of years ago it was the year of the pitcher, with pitchers dominating hitters making professional hitters look silly, but now it's the year of the Tommy John. With an insane number of pitchers being put on the shelf with the surgery it has become the price of the year of the pitcher. Nothing is free and that includes domination. When hitters were going off hitting home run after home run the price was the steroids aftermath with a whole generation of hitters ruined by suspicion on steroid use with hitters like Mike Piazza (the greatest offensive catcher) still standing with his hat in his hands waiting to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. And now it's the pitchers' turn to pay. The price is high with several pitchers bound to lose a whole year while they're in recovery mode and teams are left to scramble around to find a replacement.

Tommy John surgery will forever be an issue for baseball because it's not normal for a human arm to constantly throw baseballs at 95mph plus and it always seems like teams have 3-4 pitchers in their bullpen and/or rotation that throw flames. Usually it's the hard throwers that end up getting the surgery. The price of domination is costly and teams are finding out how expensive it is because with the amount of players on the disabled list because of surgeries there can be rotation after rotation of all star pitchers. So here's to the year of Tommy John and no I don't mean the old pitcher.

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