Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Tough to Ruin a Perfect Thing

Brad Ausmus is the new manager of the Detroit Tigers. How lucky is he? Talk about hitting the lotto Ausmus has Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Max Scherzer, and let's not forget Justin Verlander in his rotation/everyday lineup. Oh, plus Ausmus has kept pretty much the whole coaching staff that his predecessor the great Jim Leyland put together. There is no easier job in the majors than the one Brad Ausmus was hired for. They're good and ready for a World Series, all Ausmus has to do is let the coaches coach and let his former MVPs and Cy Young winners do their thing and with Dave Dombrowski running the show they'll always have the parts needed like Ian Kinsler and Joe Nathan who were brought in to sure up the two glaring needs the Tigers had this past offseason.

Ausmus shouldn't be in consideration for manager of the year. He's like Joe Torre toward the end of his run in New York when Brian Cashman loaded up those Yankee rosters with all stars and Torre let his coaches coach and let the stars shine. The Tigers are loaded. The Red Sox, Yankees, Athletics, and any other team that is ready to compete for the AL crown are going to have to deal with the Tigers and at this point in time I'll take the Tigers and not look back. The Tigers are the best team in the majors at this point in time and they should there throughout this long season and Ausmus is just going along for the ride.

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