Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are the Angels hurting Trout?

Anaheim Angel outfielder Mike Trout is the best overall player in the majors, but the Angels are doing him a disservice by batting him in front Albert Pujols. Mike Trout has all the tools needed. Since being brought up he has hit for average, has hit for power, played a magnificent center field, has the arm to play any of the outfield positions, and where the Angels are messing up with having Pujols bat behind Trout is his speed. With every season since his call up Trout's stolen bases have dropped from 49 in his first full season to on pace for 18 this season. So what Pujols have to do about this? With a power hitter batting behind Trout there is less of a chance that Trout is giving the steal sign because then the opposing pitcher is just going to walk Pujols.

So Trout is sacrificing one of his tools to help Pujols see more pitches. Sure Trout would or should see better pitches with Pujols batting behind him, but is it worth watching a phenom like Trout having to go station to station (or base to base) just so that Pujols gets more pitches? There was nothing better than watching Mike Trout steal second. There was something special of watching Mike Trout use them wheels to turn a single into a triple because he has the skills to steal second and third. The season is still in it's early phases, let's see when the Angels get healthier and the lineup gets closer to where manager Mike Scioscia dreamed it up at the end of Spring Training whether Trout is going to be able to unleash them wheels from the garage they're in now.

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