Saturday, November 12, 2016

Way to Stay Classy San Diego

One of the surprising results from this past election was not only a new president chosen, but San Diego shot down the measure to increase taxes to pay for a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers. Public funding should not be used to build for-private use structures. Patrons who have had their taxes raised shouldn't have to pay for tickets to games. They already paid for their tickets. Helping billionaires pocket money by having the middle class or lower cough up money to a stadium which they might never step into isn't fair. Ticket prices continue to increase and the financial help for the broke never arrives.

The backlash of the vote may be stiff. The Chargers may now look to move to Los Angeles where there's a facility that already holds an NFL team (the recently re-minted Los Angeles Rams). The Rams and Chargers can share a stadium just like the Giants and Jets do in New Jersey, and that would mean a lot of lost revenue for the city of San Diego, but that's better for the people of San Diego than would be a tax increase to save a billionaire money. You can still be a Charger's fan without having to pay an increase in taxes just to sit in some crummy seat that is going to be destroyed in about 10-15 years. More states should follow in San Diego's footsteps and make these billionaires come outta pocket if they want a brand new state of the art facility.

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