Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cowards Everywhere..

The ratings for the NFL have been down this season and the blame is going around as to why, but my opinion is that the sport is suffering from a major crisis in confidence. Coaches in every game, or at least it seems like are passing up opportunities for the big play down field for these miserable check down passes to running backs or tight ends or any eligible player that stays closer to the line of scrimmage. No team is more guilty of that than the Kansas City Chiefs. If Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith throws a ball passed 12 yards down field that's considered a hail mary for him. It has to be frustrating for most wide receivers in the NFL this season. Only about a handful of teams try to eat yards over the air most coaches would rather "play it safe" and be cowards than make a worthwhile play down field.

Let's forget about going for it on 4th and short. When it would keep their team on the field and help the team win the game, these cowards would rather punt the ball away or kick a field goal instead of trying for the fresh set of downs and potentially ice the game. Nowadays unless you're watching coaches with tenure a la Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin, who are the only coaches who I've seen take risks on 4th and inches or 3rd and long, these highly paid cowards are going to dink and dunk to "line up the field goal or punt" this is why some folks are changing the channels or not even turning on the game in general. If your quarterback isn't good enough then bench him for one that has the skills to make the plays necessary for exciting football. Making football exciting again shouldn't be a term for the most popular sport in America.

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