Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Congrats, but...

Last night Golden State Guard Stephen Curry broke the record for the most three pointers made in a game with 13. A record that I believe will be broken soon. The NBA game has changed a lot throughout the years with more emphasis on the three pointer than any other time. Stat geeks have made the three pointer the most precious thing in the game which is why I've seen traditional big players, who usually play in the paint, and have never even thought about chucking a three putting up shots from the arc. Sacramento Kings Center DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins has been shooting threes because the old school big man game is no longer an efficient way to score points. Why would you want two points when you can have three? It's a new world when you watch Memphis Grizzlies Center Marc Gasol throw up air balls from the arc.

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the game, and he's going to break this record once again. Coming off an 0 for 10 shooting night the night before Curry came out on a mission and once Curry gets going he's damn near impossible to stop. And the poor Pelicans were the unfortunate team to get slaughtered. The game has changed three pointers are now the norm and every team is trying to find their own version of a consistent presence from behind the arc. The big man game in the paint is a thing of the past and the evolution of round ball has gone to the geeks and behind the arc.

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