Monday, December 14, 2015

Now the Door Should Stay Closed

I am on the side of Commissioner Manfred. Keeping Pete Rose out of Major League Baseball is the right thing to do. No, he can't get into the Hall. No, he can't be a hitting instructor or minor league coach. He shouldn't be representing MLB in anyway shape or form. Can he work for Fox again during the playoffs, sure, but should he be allowed to teach kids? No. This is a different story than steroids use in the game. The main rule in every clubhouse on every team is "Thou shalt not bet on baseball" and not only did Rose bet on the game when he was a player, but also as a manager. He bet on the Reds and also AGAINST the Reds as manager and also lied for nearly 20 years about betting. Why should this degenerate be allowed back in the game?

What Rose did on the field was legendary and that's why there is a lot of his memorabilia in the hall of fame, but his behavior off the field overshadows all he did (in my opinion) on the field. A manager can't be betting against his team. Who knows how many times Rose did things, like sitting players or removing players from games he's bet on? How do we know if any bookies who he owed money to had influence on in game decisions? And the fact that Rose is still betting on baseball just shows that he hasn't learned his lesson and he shouldn't be allowed to be near a dugout.

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