Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Foresee A Weak March

In recent years a number of highly talented players have jumped from NCAA to the NBA and while in some situations it has strengthened the Association it has most definitely weakened college basketball. Most high power teams like Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, and others have lost more games than they have in the recent past. Will there be exciting games? Sure, but why? Is it because both the teams are good or is it because both teams are bad and can't put the ball on the hole? I'm not the biggest college basketball fan (I think the shot clock lasts too long and the lack of consistency is annoying) but March always has been fun to watch from a far and the "one and done" rule has finally caught up to college basketball.

Instead of players stay in college, getting their education, and continue to develop their game they instead jump ship to the pros where they, in some instances, get over exposed and end up looking overmatched. There is a difference between playing against fellow sophomores and playing an NBA veteran. There are players who do have the skill set to make the jump and when they don't it's a shock, but making the jump isn't for everyone. Being a bench player, playing garbage time in an NBA game isn't as beneficial as being a starter in college. Being up close to Kobe Bryant's goodbye tour doesn't help develop your game it suffocates it. Kids should stay in school, develop their game, and earn the millions when they're good and ready. This month of March is going to be painful to watch. Good luck to all bracket makers.

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