Friday, November 27, 2015

Who's Going to Stop Them Now?

The Golden State Warriors have won 16 in a row to start the season. Breaking the record of 15 straight wins with their laugher win against the Los Angeles Lakers when they won by 34. The best chances for the Warriors to lose came when they were losing against the Clippers by as much as 21 and when the Bulls went toe to toe against the Warriors in a hard nose fought game which came down to the last few minutes. Looking at the schedule I don't see a challenge to their streak, but on any given night in the Association anything can happen, and considering the Warriors are mostly a jump shooting team they can have off nights which shooting teams tend to have. Not every team can shoot as well as the Warriors have been on a consistent basis.

In the game against the Los Angeles Clippers that 21 point deficit felt like it was really single digits. In a quick run the Warriors had the deficit down to 10 and next thing you know the Clippers lost the lead and the game. This Warriors team plays as hungry as a team that hasn't won a title which is strange considering they are the defending champs. I don't think they'll get the 72 wins the Bulls had, but if there's a team that can threaten that it would be these Warriors who look more complete and confident than any other team in the Association.

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