Monday, November 2, 2015

The Kansas City Royals.. not the Champion MLB Wanted, but the One MLB Needed..

The Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets in the World Series 4 games to 1. The way the Royals have accomplished this feat is much different than the way some MLB teams have been building teams recently. With home runs, and the swings and miss, that come along with having power-centric teams the Kansas City Royals have put together a championship team with a bunch of contact hitters and a lights out bullpen that the Royals have been able to use to keep late games close until their offense gets the chance to grind out the runs they need to get the win. That's how the Royals were able to knock out the Mets. It didn't help that the Mets didn't have the offense necessary to beat the Royals. Their offense was heavily reliant on one hitter or so every round of the playoffs. Whether it was David Murphy in the League Championship Series or Michael Conforto in the World Series. That is no way to win a championship.

So the team from Missouri beat the team from New York. The big payroll and big names lost to the medium payroll and to a bunch of no names to the regular fan. The team that relied more on the long ball against the team with an old school approach to the game by putting the ball in play and putting pressure on the opposing teams when they don't expect it. The Royals were taking extra bases and forcing defenses to make throws that they may not have been ready to make. MLB might have wanted the big revenue team to win, but the better built team with the valuable experience they earned in last year's run to the World Series where the Royals fell one game short of winning it all came out on top. The Mets shouldn't feel bad about the way they lost this World Series they were just defeated by royalty.

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