Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Luckiest Puppet in the Game

While all hell was breaking loose in New York; with the Knickerbockers winning just 17 games and all the criticism thrown at Phil Jackson it's funny that "head coach" Derek Fisher hasn't felt any of it. Is it because everyone knows that Jackson is the real head coach? Or is it because folks don't think Fisher is worth criticizing? In New York's media heavy environment it's interesting that Fisher has been able to lay low. Not one coach has accomplished what Fisher has. If the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, even the Nets for that matter, any of them had the kind of disappointing season that the Knicks currently had Fisher would be under the microscope, but all the talk has been about Phil. Fisher is getting paid 5 million dollars to be the head coach and to do a job that apparently Jackson might be doing from his luxury box with his high chair.

Alvin Gentry and other veteran coaches should be mad that these rookie coaches are getting paid more than they are and didn't have to go through the development process that was once the norm in the NBA. If you ask me Fisher has the best job in the NBA. No matter what he does, or doesn't do, or how hard he fails the blame will land on Phil and not on Fisher. Funny enough, Fisher never ran the triangle when he started coaching but now that Phil is calling the shots the triangle is back in full swing in New York. If the Knicks win another 17 games next season is Fisher going to be on the hot seat? Is Fisher even scared that that can be a possibility for him since the almighty shield of Phil is protecting him? We'll see next season when first round pick Kristaps Porzingus, Melo, and the rest of the Knicks take the court.

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