Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Deadline Madness

It's that time of the MLB season where GMs are at their busiest trying to either upgrade their team or sell off that one piece that can bring back players that'll help the team down the road. Johnny Cueto already has been moved to Kansas City and in a more shocking move Troy Tulowitzki has been moved to Toronto for José Reyes and several pitching prospects. What else is going to happen? Who knows, but plenty of teams have plenty of options that they can consider for their squad. The Mets need a shortstop, second baseman, or right hitting outfielder, the Yankees (along with many other teams) need at least one starting pitcher, and many other teams need to dump salary and open spots for minor leaguers who may be ready for the show. July 31st is always going to be a hectic mess with surprise after surprise of players on the move.

If MLB wants to really make the deadline a serious transaction-fest they should move the non-waiver trade deadline back into August. Give teams time to know where they stand with the second wild card spot. Some teams, like the Tigers, Orioles, and White Sox, still think they can make a run at the second wild card spot so they are still on the fence on whether they should move David Price, Jeff Samardzja, or Matt Wieters, and other pieces. The deadline would be more entertaining if every team had their minds made up and at July 31st there are still a handful of teams that don't know what they're doing, yet. Also, if GMs weren't so anxious to "win" every deal and put their ego aside and did what's good for the organization more deals could be made. There are players to be had. Haggling just makes for a boring deadline.


  1. Totally agree on August 31, especially with the introduction of the second wild-card team, more teams feel like they're "in it" than when it was only four playoff berths from each league.

  2. It would make more players available and that's never a bad thing.