Monday, June 15, 2015

Where is the Outrage?

There is a double standard in sports. Ray Rice had a highly publicized domestic violent incident and he's unemployed and has resentment from many people, but where's the outrage over Hope Solo? She had her own domestic violence incident and yet there isn't the same level of outrage. Is it that violence against men isn't on the same level as violence against women? The fact that one of the victims in this case was a minor at the time should make it even worse, but yet when the US Women's National Soccer team takes the field for their next game Solo will be starting at goalie. Rice can't get a job in the NFL. Even though several big names have come out stating that Rice deserves a second chance. Solo doesn't need that because she hasn't been suspended and hasn't even lost a sponsor.

Now imagine if Hope Solo was a man. If a man would've gotten violent with his brother and niece while under the effects of alcohol he'd be damned. On the same blackballed list as Rice. Even though Solo's case isn't even close to being over I don't believe there is going to be the same public impact as other domestic violence cases where the man is the aggressor. Violence is wrong no matter what the gender is of the aggressor, but yet the public reaction can't be damnation for men, but then silence for female aggressors. Equality should be for all.

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