Thursday, February 27, 2014

If Only Mr. Smith

A couple of days ago hall of famer Ozzie Smith said that he would like to make Opening Day a national holiday and as much as I am for it (being that baseball is my overall favorite sport) it's a bit too late. Sadly, football has become the more popular sport in America and if any sport would have that happen it would be for football. I can see the Super Bowl becoming a national holiday faster than Opening Day in MLB. Ozzie makes the point that people usually "play hookie" to go to the game anyways so why not just make it a national holiday? It would've been nice say 30 years or so ago when baseball was still the national pastime, but like I said that title now belongs to football, just ask ESPN.

Another flaw in Ozzie's suggestion is that most teams have their opening day celebration at night since there are more night games now in baseball than ever before. And since I feel that Ozzie is targeting the 9-5 working crowd, night games kind of takes the wind out of that sail since they'll be able to go once they're out of work. So as much as I appreciate the enthusiasm from Ozzie Smith I know that I'll be headed to work on Opening Day.

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