Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And Imagine if they Had Melo...

The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat on Sunday in overtime with Joakim Noah leading the way with his energetic play and his 20 points 12 rebounds 7assists and 5 blocks helped propel his name into the MVP conversation (even though he doesn't want that kind of attention). If only the Bulls had a legit scorer that wasn't hurt and was able to take and make his own shots and average 30 - 35 points per game. Oh wait, there's a player in New York who's wasting 40 point games on a team that's so desperate for either positive attention or grasping at straws by hiring Phil Jackson to be a part of their front office. Said player is Carmelo Anthony who is averaging 28 points per game and is the type of player that the Bulls can use to become an even more legit contender for the NBA title.

The reason Carmelo would work in Chicago is because the Bulls have a real coach that runs a tight ship. In Chicago, Melo wouldn't have to be the Man because he would just be a cog in the machine and not the whole machine as he is in New York and with a player like Rose who (when healthy) is an offensive force in his own right and with Noah in the paint who plays defense, grabs rebounds, and is just a pain in the back side to opposing players in the paint they can team up and forge a new "big three" to contend for NBA titles for a long time and that's what Melo should be interested in because eventually the seat he's sitting on should get as hot as LeBron James' seat was before he got his titles.

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