Friday, September 13, 2013

The Defensive Hustle

Your team is going down field. Charging down field in no huddle. The defense looks like they're on their heels. You can feel the touchdown coming, but then it all stops. How? No one called time out, the two minute warning has been past. So how did the clock stop? Then you see a defensive player "hurt" down on the field grabbing at his calf. While the training staff is attending to the "hurt" player the defense is getting water and catching their breathe while the offense is standing around losing momentum. Two plays later the previously "hurt" player is back on the field ready to make tackles.

If the NFL wants to crack down on something they should crack down on these fake injuries. It shouldn't be a part of the game. If the defense can't keep up with a high powered offense then that's the coordinator's fault for not planning appropriately against the offense. They shouldn't allow players to just drop and act hurt so that they don't get scored upon. I know it's very difficult to actually know when a player is faking, but I suggest that if any player drops and acts hurt they should miss the rest of the defensive stand. So until the team that is on defense is on offense the player that got "hurt" isn't allowed to go back onto the field. That in my opinion would put a stop to these fakers who just flop on the ground like big babies reaching for a hamstring that they know is perfectly fine.

The NFL is trying to watch for these incidents, but I feel they're more worried of the hard hitting than they are of flopping players. Not only does faking injury cause the team on offense to lose momentum, but it also makes the game longer and cause the fan to watch more unnecessary commercials. Personally, I don't like commercials I want to see more of the game and less of Papa John.

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