Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maybe it's Time you Hang 'em up

It's sad when a veteran holds on for too long and I think Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter should just call it a career. It's not like he is not going to the Hall of Fame. The Yankee "captain" should go out with his good friend Mariano Rivera since they broke in at about the same time. The same could go for Andy Pettite, but he's actually been able to stay on the field and perform. I actually feel like this should be a wake up call for Mr. Jeter to the fact that its time. He's made a ton of money, he's been the face of the Yankees since he broke into the league, he's bulletproof when it comes to critics (outside of me of course).

If Derek Jeter is to retire he could have his pick of networks to go work for. ESPN would probably throw as much money at him as the Yankees did if he decided to go work for Baseball Tonight. Jeter can become the face of ESPN if he wants, but come on man get off the field. He can barely run without needing a CT after the game, his defense is in the toilet and all of his singles isn't worth the 17 million dollars he's making this year. My advice get ESPN for roughly 8 million dollars after a much needed vacation with whatever super model you're currently seeing and enjoy your retirement. It's getting sad especially since the only reason I think you re-signed with the Yankees was because you saw the contract that A-Rod signed and didn't want to lose the "face of the Yankees" label.

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