Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coaching 101

If there is one thing that a manager should do it should be to support their players and last night Mike Redmond manager of the Miami Marlins didn't do that. In an instance where his player had acted outside of his normal demeanor I felt that Redmond should've backed his player instead of feeding him to the wolves and giving the opposing team a pass for their bad behavior. Yes, rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez showed up the Atlanta Braves after his home run, but the Braves had started showing Fernandez up first.

After an Evan Gattis bomb of a home run he stared back at Fernandez and watched his home run go deep into the stands and then third baseman Chris Johnson had started talking some not so polite words to Fernandez after he had lined out to left field. Fernandez's emotions got the best of him and he did what he did, was it wrong? Yes, but still Redmond should've backed his pitcher. At the very least mention how the Braves antagonized him to the point that he got carried away. Two wrongs don't make a right, but not defending your player will cost you some respect from your own locker room.

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