Monday, February 13, 2017

Circus on 34th Street

It has been a trying week for New York Knick fans. Between Phil Jackson trying to get Carmelo Anthony upset enough to demand to be shipped out of town (which hasn't happened yet) to owner James Dolan having New York Knick legend Charles Oakley banned from Madison Square Garden. Fan favorite Charles Oakley at that. The same Charles Oakley who was an enforcer with the late Anthony Mason in all those heated showdowns with the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and Indiana Pacers back when NY Knick basketball actually meant something. New York Knicks owner James Dolan just made himself more the villain to the fans of the Knicks than he already was. From hiring Isiah Thomas who ran a muck in the front office to the revolving door that has been the NY Knick coaching position (11 coaches have been hired and fired since 1999). The Knicks have been a circus of a team and Dolan has been the ring leader.

Phil Jackson is hiding behind the rings he has won as a coach with the Bulls and Lakers to justify the shenanigans he's pulling with Anthony. No one can approach the great "Zen Master" because he was so great at making all the talent he was blessed with go in the right direction to double digit championships. Jackson needs to come off his high chair and see that Anthony is ultimately the one who decides where and when he is to be moved thanks to the no trade clause in his contract and the trade kicker that are in Anthony's contract. Dolan didn't help anything when during an interview on the radio he threw Jackson under the bus by pretty much blaming him for giving Anthony that contract. If more evidence is needed for Dolan to sell the Knicks this week should pretty much answer that for him, but of course Dolan won't sell so the circus will continue down on 34th St.

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