Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chuck V. Bron

In the newest drama that has engulfed the NBA LeBron James has come to beef with NBA legend Charles Barkley. It started last week when LeBron James started making demands of Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert over needing more players to support the chase to repeat as Champions. Several media members have either supported LeBron or spoken out against him and Charles Barkley has spoken out against him in usual Charles Barkley form, but what wasn't expected was the LeBron James response. LeBron James, in an interview with Dave McMenamin for ESPN, went on a verbal lashing of Barkley bringing up various incidents from Barkley's playing days that has reminded folks that Barkley's reputation isn't all that clean. Lucky was Barkley that his glory days reached its peak when there were no social media outlets where his indiscretions could be aired out in the way that today's athlete have to deal with.

Personally I believe Barkley had this coming. The way in which Barkley uses his platform to be critical of players as if he were squeaky clean was always interesting to me. Just because you're getting paid to be a gas bag on TV doesn't entitle you the right to throw around insults and speak down to players. Eventually Barkley's words were going to come back and that they did in the shape of LeBron James calling him out for amongst other things chumming up with Michael Jordan during a playoff game something that Barkley has criticized LeBron for since in his day Barkley and other stars weren't so friendly with other stars. I'm surprised more stars haven't gone after Barkley since his criticisms of players have been so harsh. Maybe because Barkley is a legend in the game so players don't think they can go against him, but LeBron is a big enough name where clearly that isn't an issue.

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