Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome Back Mr. Brady

After the endless foolishness that was deflate gate Tom Brady got suspended for 4 games. Ironically enough the Pats lost to the sad Bills this past week. Not only did they lose they were shut out by the Bills. The quarterback that started for the Pats was the third string guy and rumor has it he had a bum thumb, but somewhere laughing his hind side off had to be Brady who can now ride in on his white horse and play the savior. No need for a quarterback controversy, not even a question as to who would start. The Belichick system has proven to not need Brady, but it just shines much much brighter when Brady is under center. Brady now gets to write his own storyline for the rest of 2016. Brady gets to add to his legacy because, you know, he isn't already considered to be one of the greatest of time.

If the Pats win the Super Bowl this year Tom Brady will be the main reason and those that hate the Pats will have more reason to throw up.Jimmy Garoppolo may be the future up in chowder town, but with that shoulder injury he's got and the return of the white knight he's back on the bench for good. Garoppolo showed potential when he was under center, but he's gonna have to learn from behind the walking golden suit in Brady. The kid that started on Sunday with the bum thumb well he's going to have to watch from even further down the bench. In Tom Brady the Pats trust and loves and dies with and he's back this coming week. Party time in chowder town.

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