Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This is the Best Time of the Year

Welcome to October; to the MLB playoffs. Where the one game wild card play in game brings game 7 to your television right out of the chute. Where the 162 game marathon that is the MLB season approaches the final stretch run. Baltimore v. Toronto tonight and the Mets v. Giants tomorrow night. Let the games begin and let all the clichés about all hands on deck be rung out from Toronto all the way to San Francisco. The energy is always up for these games and for good reason because unlike most leagues an MLB wild card winner can go on a helluva run and win the whole darn thing.

Get your popcorn ready and your face painted because the playoffs are here and this is bound to be some of the most enthused, hyped, motivated, exciting baseball you will see this year. This is what the marathon leads to. All the leaping grabs, all the home runs, all the strike outs, all of the hard work that is put in in March/April all leads up to this month. If your team isn't in it it's still fun to watch the excitement that is playoff baseball. How rowdy the fans are and how you expect your squad to make it next season so you can be there instead of them. It's October. The air is crisp and these 9 innings will be some of the most motivated innings you will see.

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