Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turf Sucks this Isn't a Secret

For years players have complained about how it's terrible playing on turf. About how the ball goes faster on turf than on natural grass, and how turf is the worst on joints. Jose Reyes has become the latest victim of playing on turf. As many injuries as Jose Reyes had when he played in Queens on none turf it seems like he can't play 1 game without limping or grabbing at his joints. Last night on Opening Day against the Tampa Bay Rays Jose Reyes, while playing on Tampa's turf, strained his hamstring causing an early season DL stint for Jose. One of the exciting players in the majors is sitting for 15 games because the evil turf monster.

Toronto and Tampa are the only teams in the majors that use artificial turf and are the only ones that are still enclosed domes. When are these closed dome stadiums are going to find a suitable replacement for turf? You can't tell me there hasn't been any advancement in the field of fake grass which would help athletes stay on the field. So now it's going to take 15 games for one of the most exciting players in the majors to come back, play on turf, and then get hurt again thanks to the turf monster.

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