Monday, April 7, 2014

The Mess in the West

A while back I made the case for the Golden State Warriors as my title favorites thinking that the addition of Andre Iguodala would catapult them into the title, but then they decided to allow over 100 points per game and turn the ball over like they don't want to play offense. And now with David Lee's nagging injury and Andrew Bogut disappearing from time to time I'm not sure how far the Warriors are going to go. The Oklahoma City Thunder are looking more and more like a football team with two quarterbacks and when you have two quarterbacks in the NFL you really have none. I don't like Russell Westbrook playing along side Kevin Durant, but yet the Thunder need Westbrook if they want to win the title this year and beyond.

Which brings me to the quiet yet most consistent team in the West in the San Antonio Spurs. Coach Popovich has the Spurs going again at one point reeling off 19 wins in a row; something Coach Pop didn't really care much about removing his stars (Tim Duncan and Tony Parker) with three minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter without having them come back into the game when the Spurs could've walked away with their 20th straight win and a win over a competitor who they can see in the playoffs. The goal for the Spurs all year has been to win the title they missed out on last year when Ray Allen made the 3-pointer that started the Spurs' downfall and what that means to Coach Pop is if he has to rest his stars against top notch opponents he will no matter what the commissioner has to say about that.

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