Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I understand all the support that NFL golden boys (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees) are going to get, but in my opinion the NFL MVP is Andrew Luck. None of the golden boys are depended upon as much as the Colts rely on Andrew Luck. If the Colts are losing Luck does whatever it takes whether it be running or making throws to get the Colts a win. None of the golden boys put their team on their back the way Luck does in Indianapolis. His stats for the second half of football games so far this season are much more impressive than in the first half. Luck's completion percentage goes up from 57.5 in the first half to 61.7 in the second half, but where the big jump in Luck's second half stats is in his rushing, he's rushed 28 times for 154 yards and 4 touchdowns. For a team that picked up Trent Richardson in a trade with the Browns the fact that Luck has had to run for that many yards just shows the type of dedication he has toward winning.

Due to injuries to his favorite target wide receiver, Reggie Wayne, Andrew Luck has had to make do with an even more inexperienced receiving corp who aren't exactly on the same page with Luck as Wayne was which is why his yardage and throwing TDs aren't going to measure up to the golden boys, but the Colts are still 7-3 and poised to make a run in the playoffs. The golden boys are having their typical years, but everyone expected that from them, Andrew Luck has carried this Colt team to where they are now with his 2,430 passing yards, his 59.4 completion percentage, and 14 TDs.

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