Friday, November 22, 2013

I Hate to Say I Told You So...

But the Brooklyn Nets are looking bad and Jason Kidd is to blame. According to scouts that have watched the Nets play recently have reported that from what they see Kidd isn't coaching the offense or the defense, but that his assistant coaches are, with Lawrence Frank coaching defensive and John Welch coaching offense with Welch setting up plays during games making Jason Kidd just a figure head. Just a dude standing on the sidelines in a suit with the best seats in the house and getting paid to walk around and watch. Fine, it has only been 10 games, but with a win now team hiring Kidd to coach this team was a huge mistake.

Another brilliant NBA mind that hasn't paid off just like Michael Jordan hasn't panned out as owner and/or General Manager of the Charlotte Bobcats. I was on the fence about Kidd's signing since he was a great on court leader, but coaching and running the court are two separate things and Kidd looks overwhelmed. There is still time for the Nets to turn it around and there are plenty injury concerns for the old Brooklyn Nets, but those are excuses and I'm done with excuses and professional sports teams. They should've hired a more experienced coach like Lionel Hollins or George Karl who would've been a better hire than Jason Kidd who before this season has called as many time outs from the bench as I have.

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