Monday, October 21, 2013

If Tebow Wants a Job This is the Time..

As I've already heard the St Louis Rams have held internal conversations about potentially signing Tim Tebow, but now that several other quarterbacks have sustained injuries like Jay Cutler in Chicago, Sam Bradford in St Louis, and Matt Schaub in Texas there are other possibilities for Tebow to find a place to play. But what I was thinking was with what coach Greg Schiano did to Josh Freeman by snaking him out of his job Tebow would be perfect to play in Tampa.

Signing Tim Tebow shouldn't take too to much and since the Jaguars already turned down the idea of signing Tebow the Bucs should take advantage of Tebow's popularity in Florida and at least sell out a home game or two and who knows maybe even win a game. I'm thinking Tebow is the gritty type of player that Schiano would love to have behind center and with the wildcat offense a thing of the past no defense should prepare for Tim. I'm no fan of Tim Tebow and the circus he brings to teams, but I guess everybody needs a second or third chance. So Tebow to the Bucs makes sense to me, but who knows if he'll ever get another chance.  

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