Friday, October 4, 2013

Here's Why I Can't do Fantasy Sports Anymore

Recently I have joined a fantasy football league and I already kind of regret it, because I wasn't able to put in all the time I need to, to make the roster my own. I'm used to having all my weeks to prepare for the draft. No matter if it's fantasy baseball, football, or basketball for that matter. I like to have back ups to the back ups to the back ups for every position. I look at stats from the off season when the players play in tournaments that aren't aired (at one point I was watching a Russian broadcast to see a point guard prospect that was supposed to make the jump to the NBA, but didn't). I take fantasy sports seriously...maybe too seriously. I've had a lot of time on my hands to make the time investment to all these leagues.

I've been very successful at fantasy sports I've won several leagues won my fair share of money, but I've taken three years off from fantasy sports because I got so angry over a pitcher messing up his elbow that I got a bit depressed. I've learned that that is not normal behavior, but yet I'm back at it taking over for another person's fantasy football team and trying to ride that patchwork team to some kind of victory. I guess I'm kind of glad because if the team doesn't win then it wasn't my fault, but if the team does win then hey I'm a genius. This is not going to get me back into fantasy sports, but it's something that I can see myself enjoying for this season. So beware I'm coming for that trophy and that dough.

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  1. come join the pelt, brother. just wrapped up my third straight championship. i could use a little competition. we're expanding the league again next year. always room for big o