Friday, September 11, 2015

The New Bad Boys?

The original Bad Boys came straight out of Detroit. With the Pistons playing dirty and doing everything possible to get the win. Is this what the New England Patriots are now? After having a judge do away with Roger Goodells' "deflate-gate" ruling against Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Patriots have been accused of many other episodes where they have either bent the rules or outright allegedly broken the rules including video taping signals from opposing teams. In last night's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers apparently the Steelers headsets were receiving the Patriots radio broadcast instead of the coaches being able to communicate with each other. Did the Patriots have something to do with that? Who knows, but with their recent past the Patriots have become the most hated and most suspected team in the NFL.

If anything suspicious happens in any game that includes the Patriots they will be the first suspect and with Goodell catching the loss against the Patriots one would think he would have the Patriots under a microscope. Is this fair? No, but considering their recent past it comes along with being the Bad Boys. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more NFL "officials" watching every aspect of Patriot games just to see if they slip up. The Patriots, for all of their suspected shady activities have shown no signs of backing down. The Patriots have stood firm that they haven't done anything suspicious or dirty, but you know who said the same thing? Those same Detroit Pistons. I'm not calling the Patriots dirty, but only so many teams can have "issues" in New England before something is done.

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