Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh the Jets

As if having Geno Smith as your starting quarterback isn't bad enough, he now gets even more proof of the lack of respect that the locker room has for him. In allegedly getting punched in the face by a linebacker over a reported 600 dollar debt and some disrespectful finger wagging with no other player willing to step in between both players just shows that no one else cared what happened to Smith during the altercation. No other quarterback in the league (no matter how bad he plays) would get punched in such a fashion. It doesn't matter if it was a sucker punch or a squared up punch to the face no quarterback would be punched like that. In all my years watching football I don't remember a quarterback getting disrespected in such a way.

Jay Cutler is reportedly not a great teammate and some ex-teammates have come out stating their desire to punch him, but yet the way NFL locker rooms are supposed to work quarterbacks are to be respected and supported even if they suck. Unless you're Geno Smith and the Jets. The lack of support for Smith in the Jets locker room has been quietly reported around the league and the fact that Smith hasn't performed on the field never helped his cause. In the two years Smith has been in the league he's thrown 34 interceptions to his 25 touchdowns leading the Jets to a 12-20 record in those two years. So the joke of the league has been the Jets' organization and the Jets' fans whenever Geno took the field, but now with a broken jaw and missing 6-10 weeks over a petty 600 bucks the Jets have to rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick to lead them. The league will keep on laughing.

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