Wednesday, April 15, 2015


With all due respect to the best player on the best team, Stephen Curry, if I had an MVP vote it would go to James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Not only is James Harden second in the league in points per game he has done it without the help of Dwight Howard for most of the season. Stephen Curry is a great player in his own right and has broken his own record for most three pointers made in a season with 284, but with being on the best team he can have competition from his own teammates. Steph Curry's teammate Klay Thompson has played well enough that one can make an argument that he should get a vote or two for MVP enough votes to make a difference in the race but enough to make Curry the runner up. James Harden on the other hand hasn't had the supporting cast that Curry has enjoyed all season.

Consider this: if both the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors lost both James Harden and Stephen Curry for the whole season I believe the Warriors would still be a top 10 team in the NBA while the Rockets wouldn't be anywhere near their current rankings in the West or the NBA in general. Both Harden and Curry make their teams great, but the Warriors could live without Curry for a longer period of time than the Rockets could live without Harden. The Rockets were at one point the second seed in the whole Western Conference and there's no coincidence that since Howard has come back and the Rockets have taken the ball out of Harden's hands to incorporate Howard back into the flow of the offense they have fallen to the 5th seed in the West. In my opinion the MVP is in Houston and has a fantastic beard.

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