Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh Man, Ray

Domestic violence is never acceptable. One person putting their hands on another should never be an option, but yet these things happen. And when these things happen in public it's even uglier. Ex-Ravens running back Ray Rice got caught on an elevator knocking out his now wife with a sneaky left hook and after he hit her she hit her head on a pole in the elevator which lead to her losing consciousness and then eventually being dragged out of the elevator by her now husband. The NFL's initial punishment for Rice was just 2 games. That was a joke of a punishment since the same NFL suspended Cleveland Browns' wide receiver Josh Gordon for a full year after he tested positive for marijuana something that is legal in two states.

ESPN and other gas bags are now going too far; asking for  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's job. Did he make a mistake? Yes, he did. Did he make up for said mistake? In my eyes yes, he did. He changed the punishment for domestic violence violations to six unpaid games and eventually banished Ray Rice from playing after the Ravens released him. Those are steps that should have been done before this accident because there have been many other players with the same violation as Rice, but since there has never been a video that leaked out like this they have been able to skate without the amount of scrutiny that Rice and his wife and the NFL have been seeing in these last few days. Goodell shouldn't get fired, he made the necessary changes in punishment that players definitely need to wise up when they go to lift their hands against their mates.  

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