Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Who's Gonna be the First Domino to Fall?

With about a month to go before the MLB trade deadline there are several tight races throughout the majors and not many teams are already out of the race, but in a handful of cities the writing should already be on the walls. The question is who's gonna be the first to throw in the white flag on this season? These teams have plenty to offer teams that are in the race, but are they ready to tell their fans that this year doesn't matter anymore? How does Ruben Amaro tell Phillie fans that this year is over? The passionate fans in Philadelphia aren't really keen on losing especially after their recent runs of success. The Diamondbacks began the season with inspirations to at least compete against the highly funded Dodgers and the scrappy Giants, but unfortunately the DBacks all them injuries were too much to overcome.

So who throws in the towel and start selling off pieces? And by pieces I mean players (because at the end of it all that's what players really are... pieces). The Phillies and the DBacks are just 2 of about a handful of teams who should up the "For Sale" sign. Chase Utley could help a contender, any veteran not named Goldschmidt can help a contender, any of the countless veterans on the Cleveland Indians could help a contender as well. What fan base would show up when their team is in "sell now" mode? Maybe the most dedicated or maybe those trying to save a buck or two, but I'm waiting on that first white flag before the gates swing open.

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