Thursday, December 19, 2013

They Won't Know What They Have til It's Gone

I've never understood how spoiled fans can abandon their favorite team. In today's sports landscape there is no victim of this like the Miami Heat. Throughout Heat games you can visibly see empty seats in the first 7-10 rows and I find that to be insulting. The Miami Heat are two time defending champs and the people of Miami don't know how lucky they are to have them in their city. Imagine if the New York Knicks were the two time defending champs the Garden would be packed every night. Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers were at their highest point with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant? They played in front of a packed house every night. You couldn't fit more people in the Boston arena when the Celtics were running basketball.

I know fans have the right to do whatever they want with their money and their tickets, but you should show some respect towards the defending champs and showing up at or near halftime and leaving half way through the 3rd quarter or the beginning of the 4th isn't the way to do so. Fans of other teams show up and pack the house just because Miami showed up to play their team and their home crowd decides to show up whenever. How much can there possibly be to do in Miami that you can't make a 7:30pm tip off? Shoot when the Knicks win 5 in a row (which rarely happens) Knick fans show up in droves. And it's not like the Heat have been fantastic for a long time; before Dwayne Wade showed up in 2003 the Miami Heat were an afterthought in NBA circles. I guess some fans just don't deserve a winner.

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